Polygraph services based in Glendale and Tucson, Arizona. We also offer mobile polygraph services

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Techniques and Instrumentation

At Southwest Polygraph Services, Inc., we administer our polygraph examinations adhering to industry standards and Federal guidelines. We utilize only validated polygraph examination techniques and primarily use Lafayette and Stoelting CPS PRO computerized polygraph instruments. These instruments are state-of-the-art and are calibrated according both industry and manufacturer standards.

Pricing and Payment:

Fees vary based with the type of testing needed. There is a per-diem charge for court preparation and testimony. We gladly accept Visa, Mastercard, debit cards, and Paypal. All testing is conducted in compliance with legal, ethical and of course professional standards. Feel free to contact us today at 520-326-4756 or (480) 689-1383 for any additional information.


Services Include: Mobile & Statewide

  • Attorney Polygraph Examinations
  • EPPA Polygraph Examinations subject to federal guidelines
  • Law Enforcement Polygraph Examinations
  • Post-Conviction Sex Offender Examinations
  • Various clinical Polygraph Examinations
  • Pre-Sentence Evaluation Polygraph Examinations
  • Risk Assessment Polygraph Examinations
  • Family Polygraph Examinations
  • Private Issue Polygraph Examinations
  • Immigration Issue Polygraph Examinations
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